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Anonymous whispered: sephrashipping?


I’m assuming this is ‘Seraphshipping’ as in Alit and Yuuma xD 


Alit had finally recovered from his wounds, and ever since he had, he couldn’t stop thinking about Yuuma.  He had been told not to leave the Barian World by Durbe, and although he hated not being allowed to train or fight, he had reluctantly obeyed.  The human world might have Vector in it, and if he ever saw that ginger haired rat again he doubted anything would be able to stop him from punching the Barian’s face in. 

But despite his own hatred for Vector and the tricks he pulled…he imagined that for Yuuma, this had been a horrible event.  Yuuma was young and trusting, and had been willing to accept Alit as a comrade, even after he’d known that they were technically enemies.  Their duel had been one of the most memorable of Alit’s battles, which was certainly saying something since Alit had been in thousands if not millions of fights in his lifetime.  He knew that Yuuma had to be hurt by this…and wondered what it meant for their relationship as well.  Did Yuuma distrust all Barians now?  Would he judge Alit as another ‘Shingetsu’, who was only pretending to be his friend only to stab him in the back?  The mere idea of back-stabbing Yuuma made Alit want to be sick.  He would never hurt his angel. 

Frowning to himself, he finally decided that he could take it no more.  He had to see Yuuma.  He had to make sure things were alright between the two of them, and that the boy was okay after being betrayed.  Alit could sympathize, since Vector had technically back-stabbed him as well.  The Barian opened a portal, locking on Yuuma’s coordinates and heading to the scene. 

In the human world, Yuuma was attending his school’s junior prom.  He and his friends had been planning to go for the longest time, but Yuuma found that although he was excited to be there, something was missing.  He’d politely declined the offers of either of the girls in his friend group to go with him because before he’d known Shingetsu’s true colors, he had agreed to go with the Barian in order to help protect the prom attendees from a potential Barian attack.  Since he’d learned that Shingetsu was Vector…he couldn’t be happy here.  He’d been looking forward to going to prom with Shingetsu, mainly because his feelings for Shingetsu had been very strong indeed…he’d have done anything for his ginger haired, cowardly and clumsy friend. 

But now he was alone, and outside the gym.  He’s snuck out after the music started and his friends had all gone to dance in pairs.  Astral was inside the Key, since the loud noises had scared him off initially, and Yuuma doubted he would emerge for the rest of the evening.  He leaned against the railing, staring out at nothing and sighing sadly. Yuuma never even noticed the Barian portal appearing behind him, nor the figure step out to greet him.

Alit stepped out, surprised to see Yuuma alone.  Usually he was surrounded by his friends.  It had been impossible to get Yuuma by himself completely when Alit had been there last.  That couldn’t be a good sign, Alit thought with a frown.  He cleared his throat softly, but loud enough for Yuuma to hear.  The boy, turned slowly at first, then spun around in shock once he realized who was there.

“A-Alit!?”  He exclaimed in surprise.  Alit gave him a small smile.

“Hey, Yuuma…how’re you?”  Alit asked casually.  Yuuma blinked.

“You’re…actually back…and…”  He began before suddenly remembering something Gilag had told him.  Alit had been ambushed by Shingetsu…by Vector.  Yuuma felt a tightening in his chest - guilt.  He’d believed Shingetsu over Alit and Gilag, he realized.  He’d let Alit down when the other had been nothing but honest with him.  He bit his lip.

“I’m…I’m sorry, Alit…”  He murmured, looking away.  Alit raised a brow.  Why was Yuuma apologizing.

“For…what, Yuuma?”  He wondered if this was it.  Was Yuuma going to say that Alit couldn’t be his rival anymore?  That Yuuma couldn’t talk to him anymore?  That they had to be enemies and nothing more?  Yuuma bit his lip.

“I’m sorry…for not…taking your side.”  Yuuma started.  Alit’s eyes widened.  What the heck was he talking about?!  Seeing Alit’s startled expression, Yuuma continued slowly.

“The day after our second duel…Gilag came to me.  He said that you were….ambushed…by….by Shingetsu.  And I…I didn’t believe it.  I’m so sorry…I should have believed it…I shouldn’t have trusted him…”  Yuuma looked like he was about to cry.  Alit stiffened, not liking the look on Yuuma’s face.  He hated seeing angels cry. 

“Yuuma…”  He murmured, but Yuuma wasn’t done.

“I shouldn’t have believed him!  I should have done something about it!  You’ve been nothing but honest and nice to me!  You’re better than he is and  I still didn’t think of you at all-!”  He cried out, but was silenced when Alit hugged him tightly.  Yuuma trembled in his arms, tears sliding down his cheeks.

“Hush…don’t cry, Yuuma…I’m alright, see?  It’s okay…I’m not mad…”  Alit said, trying to sound reassuring.  He wasn’t very good at this, but he was relieved at what he was hearing.  Yuuma didn’t hate him just because Shingetsu had betrayed him.  He didn’t seem to think that Alit had done the same (which he hadn’t) and so Alit was happy. 

“You’re…not?”  Yuuma asked, not convinced somehow.  Alit pulled back so Yuuma could see his smile and shook his head.

“No way!  Why would I be mad!?  That bastard fooled both of us!”  Alit exclaimed.  Yuuma seemed to calm down slightly, but now he looked confused.

“Then…why are you here?  I don’t really…feel like dueling right now, Alit…”  He murmured.  Alit snorted.

“What, I gotta have an excuse to see my rival?  I just came to see how you were doing!  Where the heck are we anyway?”  He asked, looking around for the first time.  “Isn’t this your school?  You’re not usually here this late though…”  Yuuma couldn’t help but smile.

“Yeah…we’re at school.  There’s this thing called ‘prom’ on…it’s like a huge party basically.”  Yuuma explained.  Alit blinked.

“A party?  Here?  And I thought human schools were boring!”  He exclaimed.  Alit loved to party, and hadn’t done so in awhile.  Not since the war started anyway. “Where’s the party?”  Yuuma pointed to the door to their left.

“In there.”  He said. 

“Why aren’t you in there partying?  Isn’t that where your friends are?”  Alit asked.  He thought the point of partying was to be with others, not by themselves, but maybe humans did parties another way?  Yuuma looked a bit sheepish.

“Well…there’s a lot of couples stuff going on…and I don’t have a partner to go with so…”  Yuuma said, trailing off.  They had been doing some couples competitions when he’d left.  He suspected they were still going on.  Alit blinked in alarm.

“Really?  That’s all?  Well then you have no more excuses!  I’ll be your partner!  Let’s go have fun!”  He exclaimed, grabbing Yuuma’s arm and pulling him towards the room.  Yuuma dug his heels in, shocked by the Barian’s behavior.

“Woah wait!   You’re going to prom with me?”  He gasped, flushed slightly.  Alit nodded, not understanding why Yuuma’s face had changed color, but found it cute.  He smirked.

“Sure!  Why not?  I haven’t been to a party in soooo long!  Let’s go Yuuma!  We’ll have fun!”  He exclaimed.  Yuuma shook his head, letting out a tiny laugh.

“Man…I missed you Alit!  Let’s do it!”  He cheered, and the two boys rushed back to the door to join in the fun.


satari-raine whispered: Alit/Yuma, soulmate wrist-clock AU (since I love seeing people's ideas behind that one, shh.)


It was minutes left. He had waited a long time to see that person, to meet them. He wasn’t sure who it was going to be. Was it going to be a boy, or a girl? Would he love them? Would they just end up being friends? What if they never showed? It was always a possibility that they never knew. The watch was always hidden. He didn’t want anyone he ever met to know or to find out before it was time. Brushing his brown hair out of his eyes, he wandered into the park. Would this be the moment?

 Alit, you cannot trust those watches. You must find it for yourself. Durbe had told him that. It was easy for him; Nasch had come into his life so long ago. They had been together for what Alit felt like was forever. Looking at the watch again, he hid it with his red sleeve. It seemed like time began to creep by as he walked, looking up to the orange and pink glow of the autumn sunset.

 Alit, you shouldn’t worry so much about love! Gilag said that to him a few days ago. Why wouldn’t he be worried about it? Just because someone was your soulmate didn’t mean you were destined to fall in love. It just meant you were going to be apart of each other’s lives, correct? There was a moment when Alit stopped what he was doing and looked up to the sky, seeing one small star start to peek out to bring forth nighttime.

 Seconds were counting down. Alit could feel his chest tighten as he heard the ring of the watch before someone crash-landed into him. They tumbled into a mess of limbs as the person, whoever it was, landed on top of him. His head was on Alit’s chest.  About to yell at the person, he heard the brief ring match up with his and fade as he looked up to the person, who was sitting up. It was a boy, about his age, looking sheepish. He had wild red and black hair with striking red eyes to match. Alit felt his ears heat up as he looked at the other.

The watch on the boy’s wrist was the same color of red as Alit’s and the ringing finally stopped. The boy looked at it, then to Alit, his cheeks turning red.

“I’m Tsukumo Yuma…it’s nice to finally meet my soulmate.”


for Julia who needed more seraphshipping fanart in the world ^3^ hope you like it
tried to make it look like water colour ._.